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Welcome to Herbs 'n Honey, a blending of my love of plants with my husband, Stephen's, love of beekeeping. As the bees and I tend to our land in north central Connecticut, Mother Nature shows me new wonders each day. As the garden grows, new plants, some cultivated and some volunteers, show colors, give off scents and attract insects that amaze the senses. Time in the garden educates me, not only about the green beings, but also on the ways of the creepy crawlers, the flying critters and the slithering and hopping creatures. An hour passed watching a black and yellow garden spider spin a web or weeding the nettle patch is nourishing to the soul. See what blooms in May.

We are honored to share this knowledge with others through weaving websites, teaching workshops and facilitating conferences. You are invited to browse these pages for information on our webweaving, workshop & conference offerings, read articles about herbs and bees and look for links to our favorite ‘herb’ sites and organizations. Brew a pot of herbal tea, sit back, relax and explore Herbs 'n Honey.

With Love, Peace and Green Blessings,


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed”

Mahatma Gandhi

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